Take Off Your Social Media Mask And Be Yourself On Facebook

Social Media Mask

Take Off Your Social Media Mask And Be Yourself On Facebook


It’s time to take off your mask honey. You know, the one you wear every day when you go online to represent your business. The social media mask that makes you sound like you ‘should’ sound…

an experienced super-professional who can solve your customers problems in a single bound with your coaching or your consulting or with your information products. Right?

Maybe not. Being an experienced super-professional is all well and good (and I’m sure your stuff is awesome!) but there’s just one problem.

Your customers and clients and even your potential customers and clients are not on social media to get their problems solved. And they are definitely not there to buy stuff. They just want to…well…

socialize. (It’s called ‘social’ media for a reason!)

This includes looking at and sharing pictures of cute cats and fabulous food and videos of three-legged dogs and even strange people wearing funny hats as well as catching up with what’s going on with their friends and family members.

Malamute puppy

That’s not to say they’ll never purchase something on social media, it’s just that this is not top of mind for them.

But if you are like most online marketers, you don’t take this into account. You post some personal things on your personal page but when you get to your business page, you grab your mask and hide your ‘real’ self.

Perhaps you post a link to your blog articles once in a while and you definitely post when you are launching a product or having a sale, but on other days, you’re just not sure what to do.

And hey, Facebook is only showing your content to a tiny fraction of your ‘Likes’ anyway, so why bother?

No wonder I’m seeing more and more of my friends and online colleagues say, when it comes to Facebook, they are about ready to just give up on their Facebook business pages and move somewhere else…to Google Plus, or LinkedIn or Pinterest or even back to Twitter…anywhere but Facebook!

But that brings up another problem. All those other social media platforms are great and yes, you should have an active presence on them, but your customers, your clients and your potential customers and clients are all on…you guessed it…

Facebook. And in great numbers. Plus, from the looks of it, they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

So what are you to do?

Here’s my advice:

First, get out of denial. Facebook is Facebook and they are going to do what they want when they want. No amount of whining and complaining about changes to your timeline or the inability to get a fraction of your posts seen is going to help. Last time I checked, whining was not a very effective strategy (although yes, we all fall into it once in awhile!)

Once you’ve accepted the situation, then you can take action. Here are two things you can do that will help:

1) First, work to increase your engagement on your business page so more people will see your posts. Engagement simply means people are ‘Liking’ your posts, commenting on them, sharing them and clicking on links within them.

You can increase engagement by:

a) posting more frequently on your business page…

b) giving your fans quality content such as links to great resources (your own or others’) and…

c) by interacting with them as yourself, rather than from behind a business or corporate mask.

I advise my clients to take an aspect of their personalities that they enjoy and then amplify it on social media, like I do for example, with my Southerness. After all, some of my most popular posts on Facebook have been about cornbread!

Skillet Cornbread

These tactics alone will substantially increase your engagement above and beyond your colleagues’ and competitors’ pages. However, relying on these tactics alone won’t do the job entirely.

2) Second, if you are going to have a Facebook reach that means anything at all, then I would recommend buying Facebook ads both to increase your likes and also to send folks to specific offers. I don’t know why people are so resistant to spending money in this way. Perhaps it’s because Facebook gave marketers so much for free for so long, that it just seems unfair somehow.

But Facebook, like any other platform, is maturing. With maturity comes a large audience and the ability to monetize that audience. Like it or not, Facebook is a business (and a business which is now beholden to stockholders) and that means working to make a profit.

So pull off the mask. Then get to work increasing your engagement (it’s fun!) plus experiment with some Facebook ads to both grow your audience as well as your ability to be seen by them.

Bye y’all…!

(Why not leave a comment below honey? I’d sure love to know what you think!)

With much love and affection,
Dr. Ellen Britt





Dr. Ellen Britt
Founder – Pink Coattails


  1. Love this idea that as business owners, we need to be ourselves. Who doesn't prefer to do business with real people, not with Facebook pages? I think you're really onto something here, Ellen.

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! As FB changes its algorithm, we need to use all the means at our disposal to increase engagement, and IMO, interacting as ourselves is a big step in that direction.

  3. Thanks, great article and so, so true!

  4. Ellen, I love the image you used above the headline. Did you use Canva or another tool? If Canva, how did you get the mask to show up without a background?

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