What If Everything You Thought You Knew About Selling On The Phone Was Wrong?

If you are like many women entrepreneurs, the mere thought of trying to sell your products and services over the phone is enough to send icy cold fingers of fear deep into your heart.

Sadly, the fear of phone selling has forced many coaches, consultants, speakers, healers and others just like you to think that you will never be able to offer truly high end programs…

because you just don’t want to take on an exhausting business model that requires you to pull off live, in-person, multi-day events designed for one thing only: to let you pitch to a captive audience. Now stop for a moment and consider this…

What If Selling High End Products And Services On The Phone Was Not Only Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible, But Was Actually…

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How could this possibly be true? If you are like most people, you have come to associate phone sales with intrusive, aggressive telemarketers, sleazy practices, trickery and worse. In fact, many women entrepreneurs just like you look at any form of selling with suspicion, even though you know the ability to make sales is vital to your business success.

If you are nodding your head in agreement, don’t feel bad because it’s really not your fault! Truth be told, there are plenty of unscrupulous sales people out there who are willing to use nearly any technique, including pressure, guilt tripping, fake deadlines and more with only one objective in mind…to get their prospects to buy.

And on the flip side, there are scores of well-meaning sales people who are simply doing their best to make sales, on the phone and off, but who were trained in the fast talking, high pressure school of selling and who just don’t know any other way to talk to people.

There Is A Better Way

 Selling today is totally different than it was even a few years ago. Things have changed. Your potential customers and clients are totally connected online, they are informed and they are savvy. In many cases they already know a lot about your particular product or service before you even get on the phone with them.

These folks are just like you. They don’t like high pressure, sleazy sales tactics and they run as fast as they can in the opposite direction when these tactics are directed at them. And who can blame them?

This is great news for you and for your potential clients and customers. When you are able to shift into the space of sacred selling, you don’t have to employ questionable tactics and your prospective customers don’t have to be on the receiving end of a negative experience.

You can finally relax and have a natural, authentic (and dare I say enjoyable!) conversation with a person on the other end of the line who wants to be there and who will, if given the chance, actually help you sell them your product or service!

You see, selling, just like business itself, can be thought of as a sacred calling, because just like people who are called to a vocation like being a pastor or priest, or to medicine or teaching, we women entrepreneurs are called to serve…our customers, our families, our communities and our world, through the delivery of exceptional value, caring and yes, love for our customers and clients.

In all the years I’ve been coaching and consulting, I’ve never once heard a woman entrepreneur say that making money was the number one priority in her business. It’s always about serving others!

So if phone selling is not all about high pressure tactics and cold calling, but is all about being authentic and natural and being on the phone with people who what to be there… So where do you go to learn to develop this way of selling? Here’s where we can help!

A Whole New Sales Model

Over the past decade, I’ve leveraged a whole new model I’ve developed and tested over hundreds of hours on the phone, selling products and services ranging from a thousand dollars to over twenty-one thousand dollars, all to individual clients, one phone call at at time. This model allows you to step into your authentic self and not be afraid you are going to ‘get off script’ or make a mistake in the sales process. Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 7.30.37 PM You’ll develop real relationships with people and many of those people will gladly purchase what you are offering right on the spot. And even when they don’t, you’ll both feel good about the conversation.

You will leave knowing you have done your best to serve them and they leave feeling very, very good about the interaction they just had with you. So good, in fact, that they are very likely to become clients and customers at a later date. Our Sacred Selling course begins on Wednesday, March 11th.

And yes, all sessions will be recorded, in case you have to miss one… and, because this is the first time this course has been offered and I want just the right women entrepreneurs in this first ever beta group, I’m doing phone interviews with everyone we accept into this paid course.

The Sacred Selling course will consist of 6 weeks of step-by-step instructional content (see exactly what you’ll be learning in each weekly Module below) delivered via teleconference call (and recorded if you can’t make it) available in your private member’s area, plus a private Facebook group where you can get (and receive!) help and feedback from the other women entrepreneurs in this course… all delivered in my signature relaxed, laid-back Southern manner* that will immediately put you at ease, make you a part of our Pink Coattails family.

And here’s the best part… FBCoverMagnolia I’ll be joined by my friend and brilliant colleague Carolyn Jones, The Energy Architect™ who is one of the most talented, generous, highly intuitive business women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Carolyn is supremely skilled at integrating an unusual and powerful energetic ‘layer’ into business that is simply astounding in its effectiveness and I have personally greatly benefited from her invaluable assistance on more than one occasion.

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Carolyn A. Jones – The Energy Architect™

I have worked closely with Carolyn in the development of this course and she has developed a new energetic system, based on the chakras, that perfectly aligns with my more down to earth, practical approach to making sales on the phone. I could not be more thrilled at having Carolyn join us and you will be the first to experience this powerful combination of my phone sales approach plus Carolyn’s energetic mastery! Here’s just a taste of the delicious learning and content that awaits you:

Sacred Selling: How To Sell On The Phone Without Selling Your Soul

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 Module One – Your Mindset: It’s All About You!

~ Why business is a sacred calling ~ The ‘mindset’ of successful selling and how to develop it ~ How to uncover your hidden beliefs about money and selling that are sabotaging your success ~ The one simple but powerful thing you can do daily to build unshakable confidence

Energetics – Chakras Six and Seven (Intuition/Wisdom)

Learn to develop, really listen and then tap into your intuition, discovering how to let it effortlessly guide you during your sales process. This is SO much more powerful than trying to memorize a dozen different ‘scripts’ designed to manipulate people into buying from you!

Module Two – Developing Your High End Offer

~ What exactly qualifies as a high end offer ~ Why selling something for a higher price is actually much, much easier than selling it for less! ~ How to develop your own exclusive high end offer ~ How to quickly condition your mind to accept the idea you can offer high priced products and services ~ How to go way above and beyond the traditional advice of ‘sell benefits and not features’ that will make your phone sales practically effortless

Energetics – The Second Chakra (Creativity)

Nearly everyone advocates thinking ‘out of the box’ but how do you really learn to be able to do this on a consistent basis, whenever and wherever you want? By tapping into the depths of your Second Chakra energies! This process is truly ‘out of the box’ in its approach and will infuse your offers with an irresistible quality that you and your clients will love.

Module Three – Your Prospect: It’s All About Them!

How to generate leads for high end products and programs How to take the pain out of scheduling appointments How to pre-qualify folks before you get them on the phone

Energetics – The Third Chakra (Personal Power)

Confidence, which is a natural expression of your personal power, is essential in selling as well as all other facets of your business. Activating your Third Chakra energies can quickly assist in developing a sense of personal power that is never overwhelming or mean-spirited but power that is rooted in authenticity, true caring and kindness and a secure sense of your own identity.

Module Four – The Conversation – Part One

After you say hello. Now what? What to say if your prospect asks you how much your program is right out of the gate? How to establish immediate rapport and trust with your prospective clients and customers How to get your prospect to reveal exactly what you should say to them How to get your prospect to sell themselves on your product or program How to asking for the sale

Energetics – The Fifth Chakra (The Voice of Expression)

In selling, being able to clearly communicate your message is essential to success. By opening your Fifth Chakra, located in the throat, you will be able to engage your prospective clients and customers and express yourself in a way that will deeply resonate with them as well.

Module Five – The Conversation – Part Two

Why objections are gold and what to do when you get them How to handle common objections (I have to check with my husband, my wife, I can’t afford it, it’s not the right time, etc.)

Energetics – The Fourth Chakra (Emotion)

Love, compassion and understanding are not terms most people associate with selling. But these very qualities are at the heart of what connecting with people on a deep level really means . Mastering the energies of this chakra will help you discern if the person on the other end of the phone is the perfect client for you…or not. And, this will help you to cultivate a serene detachment around the outcome of each individual sale, something that the most successful salespeople have truly mastered!

Module Six – Follow Up

How to follow up if they are non-committal How to follow up if they say ok but have not yet paid How to follow up if they say no How to accept money if you don’t have a merchant account

Energetics – The First Chakra (Survival)

In business, staying grounded in your own ability to survive and yes, thrive, is essential for you as an entrepreneur. You must cultivate courage and the ability to know when to follow-up and when to let go, without letting  your self-worth and your energies get stuck. Learning to rely on the energies of this chakra will enable you to trust you are being taken care of and will help you to quickly realign your energy after each sales conversation.

Lifetime Membership!

Once you are accepted into our community, you are in! Yes, when you join us right now you get lifetime access to the course, including all upcoming live classes, future live updates and bonus calls. The connections, networking and friends you will make in this community will be invaluable. You will also get access to our member’s only private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, get to know the other Sacred Selling gals and support one another as you learn to sell on the phone.

If you are a woman entrepreneur and this is ‘calling’ to you, we’d love to have you  join us! Here’s the good news…right now Sacred Selling is in ‘beta’ meaning this is the first time we’ve offered the course. You’ll enjoy a substantial savings by coming into the class right now, rather than waiting, as the price of the course will double the next time it’s offered.

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Just Added – Special Bonus If You Are One Of The First Ten To Enroll

For the first ten women who come into our Sacred Selling community, you will receive a special two-part group Bonus call with me and Carolyn Jones, diving much more deeply into developing your business intuition. This special Bonus will cover advanced material and techniques that we simply don’t have time to present during the regular course and will enable you to bring your intuitive skills to a new level very quickly.





Dr. Ellen Britt Founder – Pink Coattails *P.S. Not to ‘toot my own horn’ too much, but I have taught over 1000 hours of teleclasses, produced and hosted a dozen telesummits and have interviewed hundreds of the most well-known names in self-development and marketing including Dr. Joe Vitale, Marcie Shimoff, Peggy McColl, Dr. Jean Houston, Chun Yi Lin, Dr. Al Sears, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tellman Knudson, Ryan Lee and many, many more.

Plus, I and am known for my masterful interview skills and my ability to make complex information easy to understand and implement, a skill I gained from working as a PA in emergency medicine for over two decades. Plus, as the co-founder (along with blogging and online visibility expert Denise Wakeman) of the blog, The Future of Ink, I’ve learned a thing or two about blogging as well. I’ll bring all of my knowledge to this course as well and Carolyn and I will teach you how to combine authentic phone sales conversations and business energetics into an unbeatable combination!

Carolyn A. Jones, The Energy Architect™, is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Quantum-Touch® Pratitioner and a LifeWorks Certified Coach. She is the Co-teacher for all LifeWorks School of Coaching Programs, has 20 years of corporate experience and is a graduate of The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She currently has businesses in both the Knoxville and Atlanta areas. Her focus is to help you understand the essential role your personal energy plays in your life and how it affects everything in your life and business. Carolyn’s philosophy is simple: When your energy is clear and aligned in your body, an alchemical process occurs, producing powerfully positive results.