A Heart For Service With Sheryl Roush 050

What does it mean to be a Pink Coattails entrepreneurial woman?

For Sheryl Roush, founder of Sparkle Presentations, this means continuing to bring out your brilliance, because the world needs you.


Please join us as Sheryl tells the story behind her biggest mindset challenge, takes us behind the scenes in her business, shares her coolest resources and more!

With over 3,000 presentations to her credit; speaker, author, trainer and marketing expert Sheryl Roush has presented throughout Canada and the U.S., as well as Australia, England, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Puerto Rico and Singapore as well as the Middle East.

Sheryl has opened conferences for Marie Osmond, closed for Geena Davis, followed Olivia Newton-John, and has appeared alongside Art Linkletter, Good Morning America’s Joan Lunden, Marcus Buckingham and Suze Orman.

Some two decades ago, Sheryl earned the elite Toastmasters Accredited Speakers designation, becoming the youngest female and only the 6th woman to receive this coveted title.

Known for her contributions to battered and homeless women and children in her community, she has twice been crowned “Mrs. Heart of San Diego.’

Big Why

Early on, Sheryl discovered she didn’t think like other people. When she started, she didn’t have any women business role models. But she did know that she had a free spirit and inside she wanted more control in her life.  The need for control was a driving force behind everything she did. Hear how Sheryl describes how she owns her own power.

Mindset Challenge

The Imposter Syndrome reared it’s ugly head for Sheryl right away. She had to peel back the layers of the onion to find out who she really was in order to get past this. One other mindset challenge she faced was thinking she was all alone. She finally shifted that erroneous belief and reached out for support to her sisterhood when she realized that she couldn’t do it all herself.

Energy Plan


Even before she gets out of bed, Sheryl gives gratitude to God for the day. She then visualizes the success of the day and does her ‘to do’s’ visually. Listen in as Sheryl goes on to describe her powerful morning routine.


Sheryl loves tending to her organic garden. She also loves using essential oils and Bach Flower Remedies, especially the Star of Bethlehem as she was dealing with grief over the loss of her parents. The other one she loves is by Botanical Alchemy and is called Isis Temple Aura Cleanser and Life Force Renewal which she always takes with her on her travels.

She also shares her 7 Sparkle-Tude Boosters®

Business Fun

Since  over the past three years, Sheryl has gone through the loss of not only her parents, but her brother as well. She is coming through this by taking a retreat with her best friend Debbi on a trip to Tahiti.

Business Vision

Becoming a global messenger for good is Sheryl’s message and mission.

Little Pink Notebook

Little Pink Notebook~ Personal Development Book

A Woman’s Worth by Marianne Williamson

~ Business Book

Now Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham

Go Put Your Strengths to Work by Marcus Buskingham

~ Favorite Food Find

Raw young coconut water (not heated) plus she loves a skinny latte with a splash of raspberry.

~ Recipe Sheryl’s Amazing Kahlua BrowniesScroll down for the complete recipe below.

~ Fabulous Body Care Product

Homeopathic Rescue Remedy for calming stress and Rescue Remedy Sleep and Rescue Remedy Energy. You can also find all of these at any good health food store.

~ Confident Calm Technique

Sheryl describes exactly how she prepares for her speeches and presentations. She used this exact technique before she stepped into an audience of 5000.

~ Other Cool Resources


Connect With Sheryl

Sheryl has a TON of different ways you can get in touch with her:



LINKED IN – https://www.linkedin.com/in/sherylroush
Accredited Speakers (Toastmasters group)

Hashtags – #SpeakAndMarketLikeAPro and #HeartofaToastmaster


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Sheryl’s Amazing Kahlua Brownies

Start with any box mix (or scratch recipe) of Brownies, replacing the water with KAHLUA liqueur.
Add shredded coconut, white chocolate chunks and Macadamia Nuts.

Bake slightly longer than the recipe calls for….

When the brownies come out of the oven, immediately drizzle Kahlua on top….
spread a light frosting glaze on top (or use a frosting mix)
and cover in aluminum foil to help keep the Kahlua in….

Finish frosting when cooled.


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