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What does it mean to be a Pink Coattails entrepreneurial woman?

For Faydra Koenig, founder of America’s Crisis Coach, this means drawing on her own experiences and learning and putting herself in the midst of those in crisis…to help, to heal and to draw out their stories for the common good.


Please join us as Faydra tells the story behind her biggest mindset challenge, takes us behind the scenes in her business, shares her coolest resources and more!

A lover of iced tea, travel and snarky banter, Faydra Koenig is determined to shake people up about their mediocrity and stop living a half-life that is killing their spirit.

Faydra made her name in pop culture as America’s Divorce Coach®, helping men and women manage the unpleasant aspects of divorce. As her company grew, she found many people were interested in her unique look on life and wanted to work with her outside of the divorce arena.

So, she combined her passion to BE the change she wanted to see in the world and re-branded as America’s Crisis Coach™ helping men and women move through cataclysmic crisis with the support they need.

Big Why

Faydra’s initial Big Why was to have flexibility and freedom because of her children. But now, as a nearly empty nester is all about events…the ability to pick up at the drop of a hat and to participate with people. But underlying that is a deeper, more global why and wanting people to know by her example of being the change that they can move through crisis and change to have fulfilling, purposeful lives.

Mindset Challenge

Prior to having an understanding of the online world, Faydra had initially billed herself as American’s Divorce Coach. As she began to understand marketing, she came up against the concept of ‘the list’ which became, as she puts it, something of a chicken and egg type of thing.

In order to market you have to have a list, and in order to have a list you have to have something to sell. She was conflicted about how to find people and what to offer them when she found them. Hear how Faydra overcame her mindset challenge through the building of relationships.

Energy Plan


Faydra starts each day with meditation and prayer, before she wakes her son and gets him off to school. She values daily exercise and one of her keys is to keep her blood sugar level steady throughout the day to keep her energy steady. Green smoothies are a staple part of her regimen.

Business Fun

Faydra is excited about the launch of her new website and she’s moving soon as well. She lives right now in a rural part of California and is moving soon to Sacramento.

Business Vision

Getting out and communicating with people in their communities is key for Faydra. She is going on her Life and Death tour next year, traveling all over America gathering stories from people who have gone through crises but have not had their spirits broken.

Little Pink Notebook

Little Pink Notebook~ Personal Development Book

God of the Underdogs by Matt Keller

~ Business Book

Money Drunk, Money Sober: 90 Days to Financial Freedom by Mark Bryan and Julia Cameron

~ Favorite Food Find

Iced tea is Faydra’s favorite and she is always on the lookout for small local shops that serve it.

~ Recipe  Faydra’s Fiesta Pasta Salad…just scroll down for the recipe below!

~ Fabulous Body Care Product

Coconut oil in the shower! Faydra keeps a jar of it in my shower and uses it before she gets out.

~ Confident Calm Technique

Prayer is key for Faydra. Closing her eyes and allowing herself to be in prayer opens up possibilities for her and her work.

~ Other Cool Resources

Favorite discovery is the Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast with John Lee Dumas. The podcast is released 7 days per week and I find it incredibly useful and inspiring.

Meet Up groups. You can Google your zip code and find groups for all sorts of reasons. Faydra is using them to make new connections because she am moving soon. This is helping her find new friends, peers and business opportunities.

She also uses a site called that allows her to create sound effects while she works. Faydra especially loves the sounds of bonfire and summer storm.

Connect With Faydra

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Twitter –  @coachFaydra
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Fiesta Pasta Salad

Ingredients –

1 package cooked salad macaroni
1 16 oz container sour cream
1 tsp cumin
1 jar chunky salsa, drained through a fine strainer
2 ears fresh corn kernels, cut from the cob
1 small can diced green chilies
1 cup shredded cheese of choice
1 can black beans, rinsed
cilantro to taste

To Make –

Mix together sour cream, strained salsa and cumin. Combine macaroni, beans, corn, chilies, and cheese and stir in the sour cream mixture. Top with cilantro. Serve immediately or refrigerate until ready to serve.

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