Stay In Your Own Lane With Betsy Baker 051

What does it mean to be a Pink Coattails entrepreneurial woman?

For Betsy Baker, founder of, this means being the best YOU that you can be!


Please join us as Betsy tells the story behind her biggest mindset challenge, takes us behind the scenes in her business, shares her coolest resources and more!

As the creator of the Monetize Your Expertise ™ system, Betsy Baker helps solo entrepreneurs leverage what they already know to market and grow their businesses.

Her specialties include list-building, as she recently added a whopping 1100 ideal clients to her list in just one day, profitable partnerships and information product creation.

Big Why

For Betsy, her Big Why is all about her young son. And the group of women who she coaches and mentors are also a big part of her Big Why as well. She totally gets the sandwich generation, with a mama in her eighth decade and a son who has not seen his first decade. As for many Southern women, family is everything.

Mindset Challenge

As Betsy so wisely says, “Everything you see online is a pretty picture!” So it seems that everyone is making huge amounts of money and having tons of success.

Her eyes were eventually opened and she stopped seeing the ‘highlight reel’ of people’s lives and was able to adopt a much more realistic view of things. She had to learn not to compare herself to others but to stay in her own lane, run her own race and define success for herself.

Energy Plan


Betsy get up at a very early five-thirty in the morning, changes her clothes and out the door she goes with her dog to run for an hour. This gives her the energy she needs to get through her day.

And Betsy gave up drinking her daily Coke® every day as well (which for us Southerners can be hard to do!) A 30 minute power nap does wonders as well.


Reading, ‘vegging out’ completely and just doing nothing for awhile gives Betsy a complete recharge.

Business Fun

She’s starting to partner with other women entrepreneurs and is having a great time with this. You don’t have to be an island!

Business Vision

More partnering is in Betsy’s future. She would love to get a podcast up and running and video is on the check-list as well. She wants to have a multi-dimensional business that brings out all aspects of her personality.

Little Pink Notebook

Little Pink Notebook~ Personal Development Book

See You At The Top by Zig Ziglar

~ Business Book

No B.S. Direct Marketing by Dan Kennedy

~ Favorite Food Find

Dark chocolate is a recent discovery. Betsy has always been a milk chocolate girl, so this is a real treat for her. She especially likes the little sugar free Hershey’s bars that are just a bite or two.

~ Recipe

Mama Rhodes Brown Sugar (Blonde) Brownies Scroll down for the complete recipe below.

~ Fabulous Body Care Product

Organic coconut oil. Betsy keeps this to use on her body after her shower for a skin softening treat.

~ Confident Calm Technique

Prayer is Betsy’s number one technique for getting into confident calm.

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Mama Rhodes’ Brown Sugar Brownies
Ingredients –
2 C. brown sugar (press firm)
1 stick oleo
2 T. oil
2 eggs
2 tsp. baking powder
1 1/2 C. plain flour
1 tsp. vanilla
1 C. pecans
To Make –
Cream sugar and oleo, add oil, add eggs 1 at a time.  Add baking powder and vanilla.  Add pecans last.  Bake 30 minutes at 325 degrees.  Let cool before cutting and remove from pan.

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