Are You Spending Nearly Every Waking Minute Tweeting, Pinning or Writing Blog Posts No One Ever Seems To See?

…not to mention taking care of clients, keeping  your household running and a thousand other things you, as a women entrepreneur, have to juggle…

There HAS To Be A Better Way To Get Seen And Build An Audience!

Tired of dismal email open rates, Facebook not showing your posts unless you pay them and worse yet, constantly struggling to get more online visibility? Well, you’re not alone! After experiencing many of these same frustrations I decided there had to be a better way to build a loyal, engaged audience...a way that wouldn’t break the bank and that drew on my strengths and above all, be something I naturally enjoyed.

Enter Podcasting!

Late last year, I began to see more and more references to podcasting. The more I learned, the more excited I got….and in just a minute I’ll let you in on the three reasons why podcasting is so hot. But first, let me share six exciting things that have happened since we launched our Pink Coattails podcast just a few short weeks ago…


1) After only one week our podcast got into the coveted iTunes New & Noteworthy section, rising to #5 in Education, #11 in Business and #9 in Health and Self-development, catapulting our credibility and visibility…

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 6.08.04 PM

2) I immediately started getting invitations to be a guest on other people’s podcasts where I’ll gain exposure to their audiences…

3) A person on my email list, after having listened to my podcast, promptly emailed me saying she wanted to work with me. We’ve already completed a two-day, in person private retreat at beautiful Serenbe Farms here south of Atlanta which added nicely to my pre-holiday cash flow…

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 7.15.34 PM

4) Two people have reached out wanting to talk about intriguing joint venture opportunities…

5) Sales are already starting to come in from affiliate links on our podcast show notes page (and these will only increase as we build our traffic…

6) and my online visibility (which was pretty good already) has skyrocketed! And this is just the beginning…

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So exactly why is podcasting so hot…?

The ‘Perfect Storm’ for Business Growth

Three factors have come together quite recently to make podcasting the ‘perfect storm’ for business growth…

1) the rise of apps – these apps have made it simple to get access to podcasts. No more connecting a cable to your computer and wait for downloads. Just click on the app, pick your favorite show and click Play!

2) Easy to produce – Easy to use free software and inexpensive (yet high quality!) microphones have made it a breeze to produce a high quality show.

3) Demand for specialized content – people want to listen to what  they are interested in…they don’t want to have to dial up a radio station filled with endless commercials and they want to be able to listen at their convenience, when and where they want it, plus, for women entrepreneurs who literally want a bigger voice in the marketplace, podcasting is the perfect vehicle…

Because I understand just how valuable podcasting can be, I’ve put together a complete course especially for women entrepreneurs who want to add podcasting to their businesses…

The Pink Coattails Women’s Podcast Mastermind

I have researched and studied every facet of this media, and am convinced the window of opportunity to secure a niche and grow a loyal, engaged audience, especially for women, is wide open…

Our next Pink Coattails Women’s Podcast Mastermind Group begins on Thursday, December 18th (then, we’ll break for the holiday and resume after the first of the year…sweet!)

and because I want just the right women entrepreneurs in our group, I’m doing phone interviews with everyone we accept into this paid Mastermind…

the course will consist of 9 weeks of step-by-step instructional content (see exactly what you’ll be learning in each weekly Module below) delivered via teleconference call (and recorded if you can’t make it) plus pre-recorded screencasts available in your private member’s area that will make the technical aspects of setting up your podcast a breeze…

delivered in my signature relaxed, laid-back Southern manner* that will immediately put you at ease, make you a part of our Pink Coattails family plus…


we’ll all be together in our already thriving private Facebook group where you will connect with the other members and be able to support each other as you launch your show in a safe, women’s only environment…

Here’s what our Pink Coattails Podcast Mastermind students are saying…

Elizabeth Cottrell of was outspoken with her praise for our most recent Podcast Mastermind:

Cottrell-Head-Square“Ellen, having just been with you in your Pink Coattails Podcasting Mastermind Program, I want to say what a value-packed experience it was in every way. You covered podcasting from soup to nuts, beginning with the WHY and then exploring the HOW in remarkable detail, like having someone take me by the hand and say, ‘Don’t worry. Do this first, then this, then this.’

I feel completely equipped to do everything from purchase recording equipment and conducting interviews to creating each episode and getting it onto my blog and iTunes. Thank you for such a thorough coverage of this burgeoning platform. Your next mastermind group of students will be thrilled with the level of professional detail you provide!”

And Ann Rusnak, another of our Podcast Mastermind members, was thrilled with her participation as well:

AnnRusnak150x150“Ellen, when you sent out your invite to become part of the Pink Coattails Podcast Mastermind, frankly I was hesitant. There were so many other “podcast” programs out there at the same time you put yours together. But I followed my instincts and joined…a very wise investment! The information, sharing and support is incredible.

This community sets other podcast programs apart and I see it continuing to grow. As a lifetime member, I’m so looking forward to going through the program again and learning from your experiences.  You’ve done a phenomenal job in putting this together and making changes to make even more exceptional!”

So if this is calling to you, please don’t wait, as this Pink rocket ship is nearly off the launch pad…

and here’s the bonus reason: right now, at the close of 2014, the podcasting space is still open. While other platforms like blogging are very, very crowded, there is plenty of room to jump in with your own show and build a loyal, engaged audience…

but this will NOT last long!

Here’s just a taste of the delicious content and learning that awaits you:

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 1.07.29 PM

Module 1 – The Foundation I

What exactly is podcasting (and what it’s not)
Where podcasting is right now, what is its future and what does this mean for you
The special opportunity for women entrepreneurs that is hidden in podcasting and how to leverage it
The 3 most important trends in podcasting and how not to be left out
Exactly how to listen to a podcast like a podcast producer (you won’t believe what a difference this makes!)

Module 2 – Foundation II

How to choose the right podcast topic for you (it probably isn’t what you think!)
Building your ideal customer (listener) avatar
Branding your podcast the right way (it isn’t just about your logo!)
How to choose the best name for your show
How to set yourself up to be successful as podcaster and avoid ‘podfading’

Module 3 –  Show Formats

The six types of podcast show formats and
How to choose the one format that will work best for you
How to determine the ideal length for your podcast
How to easily integrate video into your podcast

Module 4 – Tech Talk (Don’t worry! We’ll make this fun!)

What you must know about audio quality and how it can make or break your podcast
Exactly what equipment you will need to produce your own show (from ‘on the cheap’ to mid-range to the luxury models)
Specific microphone recommendations (including an inexpensive, excellent microphone that works wonderfully for most women’s voices)
I’ll go over my exact equipment set-up I use to produce our Pink Coattails podcast five days each and every week

 Module 5 Podcast Production I

How to record and edit your podcast (you can use free or every inexpensive software to do this!)
Mastering the art of the interview (developing this skill is invaluable!)
Finding your voice
How to get guests (even if you don’t have a list or a large social media following!)

Module 6 Podcast Production II (Everything iTunes!)

How to easily tag your audio files (and what to include)
Choosing the correct categories for your podcast
How to submit your podcast to iTunes
The importance of getting your podcast into multiple categories
What other directories (besides iTunes) you must be in and how to submit
Where to host your podcast audio files (and why that’s NOT on our WordPress site!)

Module 7 Integrating WordPress with Podcasting

How to combine the power of podcasting with blogging (no one else is talking about this!)
Show notes: How to design and produce them for maximum effect
How to embed an audio player on your blog and which one should you use
Your podcast production workflow

Module 8 How to Grow Your Audience (Your Launch and Beyond!)

How to leverage the power of iTunes by treating it like the search engine it is
Getting into New & Noteworthy – The Holy Grail and is it worth it?
How to grow your audience (and your email list!) with a strong, smart social media strategy

Module 9 Monetization and Longevity (Show me the money!)

Why you shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting to make money from your podcast
The three primary ways to make money with your podcast (plus three bonus ways!)
Outsourcing: What tasks should you consider outsourcing and how to find the right person to help you

Your course content will be delivered in a series of eight live audio calls (which will all be recorded)  as well as pre-recorded instructional screencasts for more technical aspects of the course. And there will be live Q&A after each and every training module!

Plus, I’ll be bringing in a couple of surprise Bonus guests who will teach you their cutting edge podcasting secrets! And here’s the best part:

Lifetime Membership!

Once you are accepted into our community, you are in! Yes, when you join us right now you get lifetime access to the course, including all upcoming live classes, bonus calls and access to our continuing library of instructional screencast videos. The connections, networking and friends you will make in this community will be invaluable.

You will also get access to our already thriving member’s only private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, get to know the other podcasting gals and support one another as you launch your show and beyond.

If you are a woman entrepreneur and this is ‘speaking’ to you, we’d love to have you apply to join us!

Here’s What To Do Next!

Just click here to schedule a time to talk by phone.

We’ll have a relaxed, no obligation, no pressure consultation so we can get to know each other better. Then together we’ll take a look at your business and  determine if  our Pink Coattails Podcast Mastermind is right for you and your goals. I can’t wait to speak with you!

With much love and affection,
Dr. Ellen Britt




Dr. Ellen Britt
Founder – Pink Coattails

*P.S. Not to ‘toot my own horn’ too much, but I have taught over 1000 hours of teleclasses, produced and hosted a dozen telesummits and have interviewed hundreds of the most well-known names in self-development and marketing including Dr. Joe Vitale, Marcie Shimoff, Peggy McColl, Dr. Jean Houston, Chun Yi Lin, Dr. Al Sears, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tellman Knudson, Ryan Lee and many, many more.

Plus, I and am known for my masterful interview skills and my ability to make complex information easy to understand and implement, a skill I gained from working as a PA in emergency medicine for over two decades. Plus, as the co-founder (along with blogging and online visibility expert Denise Wakeman) of the blog, The Future of Ink, I’ve learned a thing or two about blogging. I’ll bring this knowledge to this course as well and teach you how to combine podcasting and blogging into an unbeatable combination!