Get In The P.I.N.K. For Online Marketing Success


P.I.N.K.I love acronyms! A few weeks ago, I wrote about the F.O.C.U.S. Formula and why it’s so essential for your online marketing success. Today I want reveal to you the power of P.I.N.K.

Since ‘pink’ is featured so prominently in our brand name, I thought it would be useful (and fun!) to come up with an acronym for the word, one that would reflect the defining characteristics of the Pink Coattails entrepreneurial woman, so I played around a bit and here’s what I came up with:

P = Positive
I – Inspiring
N = Noble
K = Kind

Now at first glance, these words may appear rather ordinary, but a deeper dive tells a different story. For right now, let’s look at:

P = Positive

I’m sure you’ve heard someone tell you to ‘just stay positive’ when you ware facing a difficult situation. And in all likelihood, even though you may have appreciated this person’s concern, their advice was not so easily applied.

Positive doesn’t mean ever feeling sad, or anxious or even fearful, as these emotions are as natural to human beings as the morning sunrise. Sadness at the loss of a loved one or fear in the face of true danger are completely appropriate feelings.

But living in  a constant undercurrent of negativity, fear and anxiety while you are trying to build your business will sabotage your results as surely as not knowing how to sell or putting out an inferior product or service.

But wait, you may be thinking…how can I possibly stay positive when my cash-flow is down or when I’m not making any sales or my product launch just flopped?

That’s because you have things exactly backward. The diminished cash flow, no sales and a poor showing with your launch are all effects, not causes.

You see, all the worrying, anxiety, negativity and fear in the world will not do one bit of good in getting you to where you want to be in your business, or in your life.

And I’ll venture to say that all that negative emotion will put quite a damper on your own energy and your interactions with others, so that the very thing you fear is more likely to come to pass!


Positivity, the state of visioning your goals, quietly and confidently expecting them to come to fruition, then working diligently toward that end, is the exact opposite. This state energizes you, attracts people and circumstances to you, makes your interactions with others rich and rewarding will make the things and circumstances you desire more likely to come to pass.

The choice is yours. Life in fear and lack or in positivity and abundance.

Notice I’m NOT saying that everything in your life and business will suddenly be all sunshine and fairies if you will just stay upbeat. This goes much, much deeper.

And for many, your conditioning is so deep and your thought processes are so deeply buried that this task does not come easily.

That conditioning goes back to your childhood, probably before you were even nine years old. Most people will never realize they have been conditioned, much less take any steps to reverse its effects.

But not you. Otherwise you likely wouldn’t still be reading this!

You have also been taught that there is nothing you can really do about changing your thoughts, that you have no control over them. This is another falsehood you’ve been conditioned to believe.

Yes, thoughts seem to ‘pop’ unbidden into your head all the time. And yes, even experienced meditators do not try to ‘stop’ them, but simply watch them, as autumn leaves floating down a stream.

But I’m not talking about meditation. You see, you have the extraordinary ability to picture things in your mind. These things can be ‘real’ like your car or your child or a favorite painting or they could exist only in your mind’s eye. Intentionally pulling images into your mind’s eye is a great gift.

Because everything you will create and have already created, has been pictured in your mind prior to its creation.

You can use this power to picture things in your mind, to hold in your consciousness exactly what you want for your business…the amount of money you want to make, the size and appearance of your office, the products you want to produce, how you feel as you experience these things…anything at all.

When you do this regularly, your negative conditioning toward your own ability begins to be eroded, and your outlook will shift, probably not all at once, but slowly and steadily toward the positive.

Your energy and your enthusiasm will rise, your interactions with others will become more productive and meaningful and the outcomes you get will begin to come in line with your mental images.

Now I’m not really big on all this Law of Attraction stuff. I was trained in the Western medical model, have a doctorate in biology and am a ‘show me the science behind this’ kind of gal. But this…the positive effect that mental imagery has on the mind and the mind on the way we act and perceive our surroundings…this makes sense to me.

So yes, stay positive. And when you feel yourself slipping back into old negative habits, take some time out to relax and use your powerful ability to project positive mental images onto the screen of your mind.

You’ll be amazed at the difference this can make! Next time, I’ll pull back the curtain on I = Inspiring!

P.S. I realize there are some of you who have difficulty ‘seeing’ pictures in your mind’s eye, or you may simply want to learn how to use images more effectively for yourself, your family or your clients. My step-by-step 5 hour audio course, Guided Imagery Essentials, can help you do just that!

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