Time To Change Your Business Model? 3 Reasons To Just Say NO!

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Time To Change Your Business Model? 3 Reasons to Just Say NO!

by: Dr. Ellen Britt

In the F.O.C.U.S. Mindset Formula for success, I outlined the four stages of F.O.C.U.S. and how to identify what stage you are in. One of those stages deals with falling into ‘boredom’ with your business, even when it’s working and you are making money.

In this stage, your brain seems to just go haywire, and produces any number of seemingly valid excuses for why you should throw out your current business model altogether and embark on something entirely different.

If your business is working, it is a serious mistake to just go with the flow and blindly swim after your feelings…a mistake that I have seen all too many women online business owners make and one that I have fallen prey too myself.

The big problem is the excuses your brain comes up with will seem perfectly reasonable and probably fall into one of these three categories:

1) The ‘I am just not attracting the types of customers I want to work with’ mindset…

2) The ‘I am tired of doing this and frankly I’m bored…it must be time for me to try something new’ mindset…

3) The ‘I can’t get any leverage. I’m seeing all the clients I can in the time I have and I’m just running myself ragged with appointments. I may as well go back to work for someone else because I’m still trading my time for money’ mindset…

The solutions to these three problematic mindsets are relatively simple (and all of them revolve around essentially the same fix!)

1) Not attracting the types of customers you want to work with – Always keep in mind that your time is your most valuable product, so your one-on-one time should be exclusively reserved for your higher end clients (the very ones you want to work with!)

Create several tiers of lower priced information products in your niche that will still give all of your customers great information and value, but without personal input from you.

2) Boredom with your business – If your business plan is working and you have a lead generation system in place and are getting paying customers and clients on a regular basis, do NOT throw this away in the name of boredom.

This problem is also a clear signal that it’s time to delegate and/or outsource the things a) you hate to do and b) repetitive tasks that don’t directly bring in revenue.

In addition, think about creating a program where you teach others to do what you do, then license or certify those people to do exactly that. This will add a whole new income stream to your business and you can become the creator of completely new and exciting programs which will inject a new level of energy into your business.

3) No leverage – This is a GREAT problem to have because it proves your lead generation and conversion model is working!

This is exactly why a product and service ‘layer cake’ with multiple layers of differently priced products and services is so valuable. It allows you to serve everyone!

So, the next time your brain gets into one of these ‘let’s sabotage the business’ mindsets and you are tempted to just throw your current business model in the trash and start over, identity which category the ‘excuse’ falls into and then apply the fix.

After all, the way to remain in business is keep your passion and energy at a level that enables you to actively pursue the business, and life, you want!

With much love and affection,
Dr. Ellen Britt





Dr. Ellen Britt
Founder – Pink Coattails


  1. I agree, Ellen, but I think this is a natural stage for an entrepreneur. My drive to create something of my own has gotten me to a level of success, but the business doesn't "look" like my dream business.

    For me, it's about resetting my expectations in order to stay focused, and as you suggest, outsourcing the tasks and projects that no longer fire up my engines.

  2. Yes, I appreciate your clarity on this Nancy! And you are correct, I was talking about someone who has a certain level of success and then just 'throws it away' so to speak.

    And also, it can help to realize that you have to continue to generate cashflow using your current model (which you are doing very successfully) until you can step fully into the model you want.

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