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Podcasting: New Opportunity for Women Online Entrepreneurs or Latest Fad? Survey Reveals Surprising Trend

New Pink Coattails podcast sets out to enable women business owners to ride in on the success of other women entrepreneurs

Atlanta, GA: Podcasting is hot and there are absolutely no signs this resurgent audio medium is about to cool off anytime soon. A survey out earlier this year from Edison Research reports an astounding 39 million Americans have listened to a podcast in the past month and those numbers are only expected to grow. “Podcasting represents an unprecedented opportunity for women online entrepreneurs to both promote and grow their businesses,” says Pink Coattails podcast host Dr. Ellen Britt. “Plus, the amount of quality information that is available to the business owner via listening to podcasts is simply astounding…and it’s all free!” But so far, women podcasters are under represented, as most podcasts are hosted by men. This has not stopped a dedicated core of women podcasters who are determined to reverse these numbers and who see podcasting as the perfect vehicle for giving a voice to women, especially women entrepreneurs. Dr. Britt explains, “There are three primary reasons the demand for podcasting is building. One, the rise of the smartphone enables your audience to take you with them anywhere. Two, podcasting is an ‘ears only’ medium, so people don’t have to be sitting in front of their computers to consume your content, plus through the power of audio, you’ll build a faster, stronger, firmer relationship with your audience. And three, your listeners can access your content 24 hours a day, when THEY want to listen, not when some commercial radio station says they have to.” Further fueling the rapid growth in podcasting are changes in the auto industry. The popular Stitcher app is going into many American car models by the end of this year, plus Apple’s CarPlay as well as Google’s Android Auto will make dialing up a podcast as easy as tuning your car radio to your favorite station. Dr. Britt recommends women who are interested in podcasting start out by first listening to podcasts in the areas that interest them. For example, her Pink Coattails podcast, which launched September 30th on National Podcast Day and is aimed at women entrepreneurs, has already been featured in iTunes New and Noteworthy section. “Our Pink Coattails podcast provides information, inspiration and a voice for women business owners so they can ride in on the ‘coattails’ of other successful women entrepreneurs. We’re delighted to provide women with motivation and knowledge, plus a big dollop of fun, as we feature a diverse lineup of women business owners from all walks of life.” To celebrate the launch of Pink Coattails and to bring more attention to podcasting, Dr. Britt has announced her Biscuits, Breakfast and Business Contest. Two lucky people will win an in-person breakfast including a two-hour business consult at beautiful Serenbe Farms south of Atlanta and there are other great prizes as well. The contest ends November 5th. To find out more and to enter just go to: http://www.pinkcoattails.com/biscuits To subscribe to the Pink Coattails podcast on iTunes go to: http://www.pinkcoattails.com/itunes or visit the Pink Coattails website at http://www.pinkcoattails.com About PinkCoattails.com: Pink Coattails is an online marketing consulting and podcasting company specializing in the needs of women entrepreneurs. The company has produced and hosted hundreds of hours of telesummit based audio interviews with some of the most well-known and respected names in online marketing and self-development.