Amazon FBA, Powerball and You

What if you knew, by doing this one thing, that your financial fortunes were about to forever change…

and no, I’m not talking about buying a Powerball ticket!

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On Wednesday, January 20th, the doors open once again to the Amazon FBA Mastermind course that I’m hosting with expert Amazon seller Christine Cobb, who made $300K in gross sales her first year selling on Amazon!

While I’ve just begun to get my feet wet and had very little time, under Christine’s direction I still managed to sell 138 different items, from shoes and office supplies to toys and groceries for gross sales of $1998.46.

I started with just a $200 budget for inventory, purchased that amount of goods and then put every penny back into the business. Amazon pays out every two weeks and so far, since October 10th of 2015, Amazon has sent me a total of $1012.02. Not a bad return on my investment! And really, with interruptions due to family responsibilities, the holidays and having the flu, I’ve hardly even begun.

This year, I’m going to concentrate on ramping up my Amazon FBA business, putting more advanced strategies I’m learning from Christine into place and really growing my FBA business to the moon!

If you are tired of roller coaster income, you want to add another income stream to your business or you just need some extra cash, then join us. Just click here to see how you can learn to start and profit from your own Amazon business.

I’d be happy to speak with you privately if you have questions. Make 2016 your most delicious, Best Year Ever (while your friends and colleagues are whining over their broken New Year’s resolutions!

Your luck is about to change my friend, because unlike the Powerball lottery which will be history in just a few short hours, a successful Amazon business does not rely on chance, but on the action you take to get it up and running. You’ll be amazed at how a small investment in inventory gets compounded over time. Join us!

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