Sacred Selling Beta Class

What words come to mind when you think of learning how to sell high-end products and services on the phone?

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Let me take a guess…

fear. anxiety. nervousness perhaps…

Now, just sit back and relax and let me give you some very different words to think about when you imagine picking up the phone to talk with someone about your services…Continue Reading

Business As A Sacred Calling

Yesterday, I was remembering how sweet it is to lead our twice yearly Pink Coattails Women’s Business Mastermind retreat at beautiful, magical Serenbe Farms here south of Atlanta…


walking the labyrinth under the tall Southern pines, laughter and wonderful conversations over good food every evening…

and the joy of seeing our members’ visions for their lives and businesses take shape right before my eyes. Our two yearly in-person retreats are just a small part of our year long program for women entrepreneurs.

This year, we have a new theme for the Mastermind, The Sacred Geometry of Business…

because for most women, business is NOT just a way to make a living…

but is a sacred calling. We are going to journey together over the course of a year to build a sacred foundation for your business…

one that not only will inspire and motivate you, but one that will be as sturdy and rock solid as the foundations that support the great cathedrals of Europe (which were all constructed using the principles of sacred geometry)

So if you are looking for deep personal and business transformation and the chance to explore and apply truly Big Ideas in your life and business with our family of smart, courageous, creative, vulnerable, strong, fun-loving, down to earth and totally giving women entrepreneurs who long to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others…

then I invite you to come home.

Just click here to explore more deeply what’s behind this Mastermind concept and how you can benefit from becoming part of our family.

Let this be the year you finally put your fears aside and step forward to claim the life and business you were meant to lead.

Business is a sacred calling. Isn’t it time you listened?

With much love and affection,

Start Your Own Podcast And Let Your Voice Be Heard


All my life I wanted to be able to simply be heard…

but I was deemed too shy, too quiet, too withdrawn to have a voice. And I was afraid.

So I buried myself in books, in studying, in getting yet another degree so I could prove I was just as capable as those girls who were able to speak up.

Through a lot of trial and error (and a lot of trials by fire!) I finally found my voice, not by having to be up on a stage in front of hundreds of people, but but by crafting intimate, one-on-one conversational interviews with women entrepreneurs.

The crazy thing is that it’s only now I’m starting to realize I had a voice all along. It just wasn’t the same loud, in your face voice so many other women (and men!) said I had to have.

My Pink Coattails podcast has given me a voice that is literally touching women’s lives around the globe..from the U.S. and Canada to France, Ireland, even Latvia and Iran and more.

If I had only known that there was a way for me to so easily reach these women, I’d have started a lot sooner. We just launched our podcast a few short weeks ago, and already six fabulous things have happened for me and my business (and they can for you too!) Just click here to find out more…

With all the things that are happening out there in the world today, it’s so important that we, as women, have a real chance to be heard. I care about this now more that ever before. To all the women entrepreneurs out there in the world today who are trying to get their voices heard above the shouting and the shooting, I say don’t give up, keep speaking your truth.

Having your own podcast is a whole new way to get your voice and your business out into the world. I’d love to show you how! Start your own podcast. Like a beautiful flower, it’s your time to bloom.

Pink Coattails Mastermind – Seven Beautiful Reasons Why You Should Join

Today the doors open on early-bird applications for our next Pink Coattails Women’s  Business Mastermind…

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The Seven Reasons you should join our Pink Coattails Mastermind

1) This is our fourth year. We have formed a remarkable group of entrepreneurial women who will welcome you into our Pink Coattails community with open arms…Continue Reading

Start A Podcast – Four Great Reasons You Should Begin Now


By now, you’ve probably heard the news…

Woman podcaster

podcasting is taking off like a rocket ship! As an online entrepreneur, you have a tremendous opportunity to leverage this platform and get your content, your brand and your marketing message out to a wider audience.

There are four primary reasons podcasting is making such a huge resurgence, but first, let’s take a look at how podcasting stands up to a couple of the largest tried and true platforms.Continue Reading