Honey, It’s Your Time To Bloom


Honey, It’s Your Time To Bloom

by: Dr. Ellen Britt

Like many introverts, all my life I wanted to be able to simply be heard…

but I was deemed too shy, too quiet, too withdrawn to have a voice. And I was afraid.

So I buried myself in books, in studying, in getting yet another degree so I could prove I was just as capable as those girls who were able to speak up.

Through a lot of trial and error (and a lot of trials by fire!) I finally found my voice, not by having to be up on a stage in front of hundreds of people, but by…

crafting intimate, one-on-one conversational interviews with women entrepreneurs.

The crazy thing is that it’s only now I’m starting to realize I had a voice all along. It just wasn’t the same loud, in your face voice so many other women (and men!) said I had to have. My Pink Coattails podcast has given me a voice that is literally touching women’s lives around the globe..from the U.S. and Canada to France, Ireland, even Latvia and Iran and more.

If I had only known that there was a way for me to so easily reach these women, I’d have started a lot sooner. We just launched our podcast a few short weeks ago, and already six fabulous things have happened for me and my business (and they can for you too!) Just click here to see more!

With all the things that are happening out there in the world today, it’s so important that we, as women, have a real chance to be heard. I care about this now more that ever before. To all the women entrepreneurs out there in the world today who are trying to get their voices heard above the shouting and the shooting, I say don’t give up, keep speaking your truth.

Having your own podcast is a whole new way to get your voice and your business out into the world. I’d love to show you how! Like a beautiful flower, it’s your time to bloom.

With much love and affection,






Ellen Britt, PA, Ed.D.

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