How To Rate, Review And Subscribe To A Podcast In iTunes [Video Tutorial]

Many people get frustrated when they go to iTunes to leave a rating and review for their favorite podcast. If you are not familiar with the iTunes ‘environment’ it’s not immediately apparent where you need to go to leave a review.

With the popularity of podcasting on the rise, it’s important to know how to leave a rating and review, as this simple action can really help your favorite podcasts climb up the iTunes charts and get more listeners.

Pink Coattails iTunes

Here’s a quick video tutorial showing you a couple of easy, step-by-step ways to rate and review a podcast on iTunes.

And for those of you who would rather have written instructions, here you go…

1 – In your computer, open the iTunes application.

iTunes Rate Review Tutorial Cover2 – In the search bar (located in the right upper corner) type in the name of the podcast you are searching for…in this case, Pink Coattails.

iTunes Search Bar

3 – Then click on the podcast artwork to bring up its iTunes page.

iTunes Artwork Arrow

4 – Next, click on the Ratings and Reviews tab to take you to the review window. Then be sure to click on the Subscribe button below the podcast artwork to subscribe to the show.

iTunes Ratings Subscribe Tabs


5 – Then click on the ‘Write a Review’ tab.

iTunes Write Tab

6 – Here is where you actually rate and review a podcast. Enter a title in the ‘title’ box, such as ‘This is an awesome podcast!’ Then write your review in the box below, saying something about why you liked it, such as ‘This podcast is a fabulous resource for women entrepreneurs!’ Don’t forget to rate the podcast by clicking (hopefully!) 5 stars!

iTunes Write and Rate

7 – Finally, just click ‘submit‘ to enter your review NOTE: Your review will not appear right away…reviews usually show up in a day or two after they are submitted.

SPECIAL NOTE: Plus, unless you type your name into the actual review body, the podcaster will not likely know who you are, as iTunes pulls iTunes account usernames to indicate who wrote the review. So if you want the podcaster (in this case, me!) to know, please leave your name or name and Twitter handle in the body of the review so I can thank you!

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