Dr. Ellen Britt

About Dr. Ellen Britt and Pink Coattails

Dr. Ellen Britt is an award-winning Online Marketing Strategist, Amazon best-selling author, podcaster,  master interviewer and founder of PinkCoatTails.com…providing information, connections and a voice for women just like you, so you can ride in on the ‘coattails’ of other successful women entrepreneurs.

She is also the co-founder, with her colleague Denise Wakeman,  of The Future of Ink, the authority site for online entrepreneurs who are looking for trusted information about all aspects of digital publishing.

Ellen specializes in teaching savvy women entrepreneurs how to take their knowledge and expertise and transform it into Genuine Influence. She has produced and hosted more than a dozen telesummits and has interviewed many of today’s most well-known and respected names in marketing and self-development.

Pink Coattails will bring you powerful, yet practical and easy to implement information to get YOU in the driver’s seat of your business! Plus, you’ll be treated to in-depth interviews with some of the most interesting and creative women entrepreneurs online today in our Pink Coattails podcast. Subscribe in iTunes here!